Wow, son. Look at all those stars up there. What a night. I know your old man can be a little silly sometimes—shit, I’ll be the first to admit it. But these nights out on the reservoir with you are some of my favorite moments. I mean, hell, fishing with my son? Can’t think of anything I’d rather do. What a life.

Son, have I ever talked to you about data? Maybe I have, yeah. Well data’s like those stars up there, son. It’s all around us. And as the current of information quickens, our ability to harness it and glean conclusions from it will be one of humanity’s most important responsibilities over the next century. Important as putting enough bait on your rod! Much, much more important, actually.

Whoa, feelin’ a tug there? Well, reel that baby in! You might have a bass chomping on your rod! Reel her in, son, reel her in. Awesome job, bud.

Anyway, a big misconception people have is that data’s clean and easy to work with. I hate to break it to you, but it isn’t. Sometimes sorting through data’s like reeling in a hammerhead shark with a wooden fishing rod. It’s rarely quick and easy. You have to consolidate the data and parse it no matter the volume of data points. Such scalability will only be possible through automation. Machine learning and the like.

Wow, another fish on your rod? Gee. You know what, put your rod down. Let her go. Let’s forget about fishing for a bit. In fact, let’s go home. I have a relational database I want you to see. I think you’re ready. Focus here, son. We’re talking data.


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