Political cartoonist Henri Bernard is often praised for his groundbreaking work.  

A Logical Proposal

The Kaiser is slowly lighting a cigar in the shape of Europe while Queen Victoria of England and King Alfonso XIII of Spain laugh hysterically. US President Benjamin Harrison is leaning in to say something while fiddling with his pocketwatch in the shape of Manchuria.

Caption: “Excuse me, do any of you know the proper time?”

A Most Heinous Cultivation

The Kaiser and Queen Victoria are tilling a plot of land called The Patriotic Sentiment. US President Benjamin Harrison is a scarecrow.

Caption: “The silent trough of knowledge!”

An Issue Is Raised

King Alfonso XIII is a humanoid figure, but without a clear face. Queen Victoria is a well-detailed outline. They are pulling a map of the East Indies apart. US President Benjamin Harrison is petting a cat that looks like Tammany Hall.

Caption: “Through thick and thin!”

The Plight of the Immigrant

US President Benjamin Harrison is a star and a stripe. The Kaiser is a mauve, shuddering mass. Queen Victoria is three upside-down dots. They are riding upon a galleon teeming with potato farmers.

Caption: “To which shore?”

A Gilded Misconception

The Kaiser, a triangle composed of gradations of the color white, and Queen Victoria, a golden tooth, stand before the Industrial Workers of the World. US President Benjamin Harrison, who is a mirror, is taking gold coins from one of the union leaders. King Alfonso XIII is smeared mayonnaise on the face of the reader.

Caption: *••◊◊•Ω••‡®‡‡»¶‡ Mondays.”