VET: There’s really nothing we can do for her anymore. We’d just be prolonging the inevitable.
ME: (Through tears) I guess it’s time to say goodbye…
VET: (injects muscle relaxer) This should calm her down — stop her from experiencing any pain.
You can stay here or wait in the hall.
ME: I think it’d like to be with her if that’s okay.
VET: (injects large dose of anesthetic) This’ll take about ten or fifteen seconds to make its way to
ME: She was an incredible dog. I’ll always remember the way she used to lay her paw over my
hand when we were sitting on the couch because she was afraid that if she fell asleep, she might not notice if I got up and left her behind. Now, she’s the one leaving me behind. I don’t know how I’ll
manage without her.
VET: Just a warning: most dogs die with their eyes open. It’s completely natural and okay.
MY DOG: I don’t like this at all. (Dies with eyes open, but it’s completely natural and okay).
VET: Ahhh!!!! What the fuck???
ME: Those were her last words.
VET: Your dog speaks?
ME: Apparently.
VET: What have we done?!?