Fryguy711: hello.

Fryguy711: is there any1 on here?

Tyler_newsome: hello!

Fryguy711: hello!

Fryguy711: what r the odds?

Fryguy711: A guy named tyler newsome actually installed my internet.

Tyler_newsome: I installed everyone’s internet.


Fryguy711: hey tyler 

Tyler_newsome: hey fryguy

Fryguy711: who should i call if my dial-up is acting funky?

Tyler_newsome: um

Tyler_newsome: im actually not on here to do IT stuff 

Tyler_newsome: im on here for fun

Fryguy711: oh ok

Tyler_newsome: yeah sorry

Tyler_newsome: 508 – 228 – 6184

Fryguy711: thanks tyler.


Fryguy711: i saw a guy at the store today 

Fryguy711: he had a shirt that said Captain Internet on it

Fryguy711: i wonder if he’s on the forum

Tyler_newsome: he’s probably from out of town

Fryguy711: yeah probably


Cptn_Internet: Hello, it is I, Captain Internet!

Fryguy711: Oh, hello

Fryguy711: welcome to the forum

Tyler_newsome: who made you captain?

Tyler_newsome: of the internet?

Tyler_newsome: that doesn’t seem real

Cptn_Internet: its just a nickname

Cptn_Internet: i made it up

Fryguy711: cool nickname

Cptn_Intenrnet: I like urs too, Fryguy!

Tyler_newsome: yeah i guess its kinda cool for a nickname


Cptn_Internet: Hey Fryguy, me and my buds were gonna play frisbee later

Cptn_Internet: at jetties beach

Cptn_Internet: wanna come

Fryguy711: frisbee? I love frisbee! Yes!

Tyler_newsome: can i come 2? 

Cptn_Internet: um

Cptn_Internet: sorry Tyler. 

Cptn_Internet: we only have enough frisbees for so many people to play

Cptn_Internet: 🙁

Tyler_newsome: ok.


Jessica_: hey Fryguy

Fryguy711: oh hi

Jessica_: i’m a local girl who just got internet

Jessica_: i’m really pretty

Jessica_: we should take Cptn_Internet out

Fryguy711: what? take him out?

Jessica_: he’s not really the captain of the internet

Jessica has logged out 

Tyler_newsome has logged in

Tyler_newsome: hey what’s up

Fryguy711: hey u just missed Jessica

Tyler_newsome: oh the pretty girl who just got internet

Fryguy711: yeah she seems cool

Fryguy711: she has the same IP address as you actually

Tyler_newsome: did she say anything about Captain Internet? 

Tyler_newsome: I bet she would hate captain internet

Fryguy711: yeah

Fryguy711: hey tyler? 

Fryguy711: are you Jessica? 

Fryguy711: did u make up jessica?

Cptn_Internet: i think he did

Tyler_newsome: no i didnt

Cptn_Internet: jessica was def a dummy account.

Tyler_newsome has logged out.


Fryguy711: hey check this out guys

Fryguy711: u can create private threads inside the forum

Cptn_Internet: cool, add me!

Fryguy711 has created a private thread

Tyler_newsome: Add me 2

Tyler_newsome: ???

Tyler_newsome: r u guys already in the private thread?


Jessica_ has logged in

Fryguy711: oh hey Jessica

Fryguy711: hop in our private thread

Jessica_: i miss you Fryguy =]

Fryguy has added Jessica_ to private thread “CHAT 2”

Jessica_:  im horny 4 u fryguy

Fryguy711: im horny 4 u 2 jessica

Cptn_Internet: I am horny for you as well, Jessica.

Jessica_ has added Tyler_newsome to private thread “CHAT 2”

Tyler_newsome: hey guys

Tyler_newsome: i can see the whole old history of the thread

Tyler_newsome: you guys were saying really mean stuff about me

Fryguy711: jessica wtf

Tyler_newsome: i was actually jessica the whole time

Tyler_newsome: u were horny for me

Tyler_newsome: u were always horny for me

Cptn_Internet: no we werent

Cptn_Internet: we were horny for jessica

Cptn_Internet: i bet shes on a different forum.

Cptn_Internet has left private thread “CHAT 2” 

Fryguy711: jessica? R u still horny jessica?

Jessica_: yes, fryguy. Yes i am