Man in Rags: Spare some change?

Employee: Sure thing.

Man in Rags: Thank you. You’re a good man (looking at Employee ID) David Stein.

Employee: Wait, are you… Bill Gates?

Man in Rags: Uhhhm…no. I am just a random homeless person.

Employee: You’re Bill Gates!

Employee 2: Woah. Is that Bill Gates pretending to be a homeless person?

Man in Rags: Is this, is this bad?

Employee 3: Hey everyone! Bill Gates dressed up as a bum so he can see who’s generous!

Man in Rags: Oh, god.

Employee 4: Give your money to homeless Bill Gates so he thinks you’re a good person! 

Man in Rags: Wait, no.

Employee 5: Employees of Microsoft! Do not give your money to any homeless people besides Mr. Gates!