drummerbro24: hey, what’s up?

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: hi, sugar 😉

Sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: A/S/L?

drummerbro24: asl

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: hehe, same time!

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: 18/f/FL

drummerbro24: 24 m florida

drummerbro24: yaaaahh, florida!

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: So funny!!

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: What’s your name? 😉

drummerbro24: whats ur name

drummerbro24: matt

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: I’m Jennifer! Pleased to make your acquaintance 😉

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: so matt what are you up to tonite??? 😉

drummerbro24: Nuttin.

drummerbro24: Sittin at comp. 

drummerbro24: horny.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Oh really? 😉 and why may I ask are u so horny

drummerbro24: Cuz of u. 

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: I hope it’s not little old me . . .  😉

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Oh, hehe, you’re sweet

drummerbro24: want to cyber? 

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Hehe, I’m up for anything. 

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: What are you wearing? 

drummerbro24: I’m lickng ur clit and ur gettin so wet.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten 3434: Oh, hehe, okay!

drummerbro24: Im naked.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Mmmm . . . 😉

drummerbro24: Aaaaaaaaaa ur suckin my 10 inchcock and im fukin u hard

sugar_sexy love_kitten_3434: Mmmm, how big’s your cock big boy? 😉

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Oh, hehe, nm.

drummerbro24: 1 foot shlong.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Mmmm, I put on some Justin Timberlake and dance in front of you in my lingerie.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Mmmm, you make me feel so sexy 😉



drummerbro24: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drummerbro24: AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

drummerbro24: AAAAAAAAAAAAa

drummerbro24: did you cum too?

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Yes 😉

drummerbro24: Yah!

drummerbro24: btw i saw JT live. He was great

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: OMG! I saw him last weekend tooo!!!

drummerbro24: Word?? at the palladium?

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: So funny!

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: OMG! OMG! yes, he was amazing!

drummerbro24: he was so sickk.

sugar^sexy love_kitten_3434: OMG! Where were you sitting?

drummerbro24: 1st row.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: OMG OMG OMG! ME

drummerbro24: Where were u sittin?

drummerbro24: Whut, crazy

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Wait.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: You’re not Matt Wil­son are you?

sugar_s exy_lo ve_k i tt e n_3434: Matt?

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: ?

sugar_sexy_love_kitten 3434: …

drummerbro24: Greg?

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Holy shit!

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Oh man.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: man

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Hey

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Matt

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: What’s up with you.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: …

drummerbro24: greg…is this you

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Yeah, hey bro, what’s up.

drummerbro24: nuttin.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Yeah, cool, same with me.


coolsugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Yeah

.sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Did you do math yet?

drummerbro24: yeah

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Cool cool

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: I thought it was hard.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: I thought the last question was really hard.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Did you get the last question?

drummerbro24: Yeah

.sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Cool

drummerbro24: you had to know it was a special triangle

.sugar_sexy_love_kitten 3434: yeah, exactly, i was trying to solve it just by its angles.

drummerbro24: yeah you can’t do that.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: yeah, i thought you could

drummerbro24: so dude..

.sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: but you couldn’t.

drummerbro24: you didn’t really cum right?

drummerbro24: like actually cum? 

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: ummm…

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: no

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: I didn’t

drummerbro24: Ok, cool, great.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Yeah

drummerbro24: I didn’t cum either

.sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: cool

drummerbro24: If you wanted to know.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: sure

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: yeah, cool

drummerbro24: cool

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: that’s good

drummerbro24: alright well

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: I’m gonna finish up my work.

drummerbro24: time to go to bed

drummerbro24: yeah

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: right

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: yeah

drummerbro24: peace man

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Sleep tight.

sugar_sexy_love_kitten_3434: Sleep tight Matt.

drummerbro24: dude