Whistling Strangler: I never killed silently after that. Always with a song on my tongue and a throat in my hands. All thirty-seven died, serenaded by my tune. (hums casually)

Prosecutor: You are aware that you’re on trial for corporate fraud?

Whistling Strangler: Which I insist is a false charge.

Prosecutor: And now you’ve admitted to the murder of thirty-seven coeds…

Whistling Strangler: That is true. I admit it openly.

Prosecutor: Does that not concern you?

Whistling Strangler: As long as I’m innocent in the eyes of the court, my conscience is clean. 

Prosecutor: That is definitely not the case. We’ve got you for murder.

Eyes of the Court: This hero, Mr. The Whistling Strangler, is found not guilty of corporate fraud.

Prosecutor: And the homicides?

Judge: Crime isn’t on trial today, Mr. Lawyer. Corporate fraud is.

Jury: And corporate fraud is free to go.

Whistling Strangler: (whistles tune. chokes bailiff playfully) 

Victims’ Families:  (eager applause) We concede this well-fought case. Strangle again in peace.

Whistling Strangler: I will, I will. But not for me — for all of you.