What's New: The Proper Bostonians #

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SMR '25   •   September 2022
Rick, 40 I’d better contribute something before anyone gets suspicious. “Let’s s…

CYL '26   •   September 2022
My mom isn’t like other moms.  When I was conceived, my mother didn’t carry me in …

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Publication: September 2022

What is to be done about the crisis of The Harvard Lampoon? Can anything stop a magazine’s knees from bending under the weight of its own greatness? And where can I find the lowest prices on gr…

Josh Lieb '93   •   November 2020
Okay, so you’re in the cafeteria. They’re serving peas. The boy across from you is thro…

LKN '25   •   December 2023
“I Can Totally See This Being Mayonnaise” Margarine “It’s For My Windshiel…

SMR '25   •  
I was born with so much upward vertical velocity that by the time I plunged back through the roof m…


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