Love Song

By MFP ’23-24

This next song goes out to Janet Fisher, a very special girl in my life. Janet are you here tonight? (Applause)

I know you guys are excited for the concert, but could everyone quiet down for a second? Janet, if you’re here, say something! (Silence)

Don’t be shy, Janet. I know I haven’t seen you in years, but I still love you! Make some noise! (Applause continues)

Oh, sorry, I only wanted to hear from Janet there. I promise, the song will make everything make sense. The lies, the cheating, the thousands of pounds of rocks I left on your doorstep. All of it. I just need to know you’re here. (Applause slows)

Maybe a visual would be easier? Could everyone that isn’t Janet put their hands down? Everyone’s hands are down? No Janet?

I’m going to take a quick five minute bathroom break but when I come back I’ll finish the concert. Thanks.

(Shuffles off stage)

Me and My Lovers #

Issue Editor: LRK ’21-’22
Art Editor: 
VIN ’21-’22
Summer 2020

My greatest hope for you all is that you actually know how to read because this issue is full of letters and words. They aren’t hard ones, but they might require a quick peek at the Scrabble dictionary. We’re talking words like love, benevolence, and lover. There may be letters involved such as g, w, and o. It won’t matter if you’ve seen these fellas before or if you’ll be sounding them out on the spot. The important thing is that you can see that we wrote some things.