What's New: Justice Is Served #

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JKF '25   •   May 2023
Thank you all so much for showing up to the courthouse this morning, even in the rain. Over the pas…

JGB '25   •   May 2023
You know that feeling when you take out your laundry and there’s only one sock, and you&rsquo…

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Publication: May 2023

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury,

I will prove to you throughout the Justice is Served # that my client is innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. On second thought, that is too high of a bar: I will m…

AJ '18   •   December 2020
I was so excited when I got my first pair of sun-glasses, because I was able to see things tha…

SMR '25   •   March 2023
— I’m excited to see your new place finally.— Here, let me turn on the lights. AH…

AJ '18   •   December 2020
Me: Hello, I’m here to catch the midnight train to Georgia. Station Manager: Well, it will b…


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