Artwork: ghost

Larry takes a trip on Delta Airlines Flight 460 to Las Vegas

Author: FSS '21
As seen in: Larry vs. the Infernal Machine #

Patricia: Hello everyone and welcome to Delta Airlines Flight 460 to Las Vegas. My name is Patricia and I’ll be your head stewardess toda—

Josh: Hey everyone! The name’s Josh. Undercover US Air Marshal. 

Patricia: Sir, you don’t need to introduce yourself.

Josh: Just wanted everyone to know you’re all safe. Undercover US Air Marshal Josh here is on the case.

Patricia: Doesn’t announcing that you’re undercover kind of defeat the point?

Josh: Well we at the Undercover US Marshal Josh headquarters believe in transparency. 

Patricia: Okay, sir, you need to sit down. And again, no one needs to introduce themselves. As I was saying, I’m Patricia—

Josh: Hey everyone! Undercover US Air Marsh—ooooo fuck I did it again. 

Karen: Hi! I’m Karen. 

All passengers: (in unison) Hi, Karen.

Josh: Hello, Karen. Thank you for sharing. 

Karen: Wow, I feel so much better. 

Larry: Larry!

All passengers: (in unison) Hi, Larry.


Josh: Everyone has their own journey, Patricia. We at the Undercover US Marshal Josh headquarters know that.

Patricia: You can’t all be named Josh.

Josh: Haha, of course not. It’s our Undercover US Marshal name. Protects our identity. 

Patricia: Okay that makes a bit more sen—

Josh: The real name’s Kevin!