Artwork: ghost

Puritan Party

Author: RYSL FOD
As seen in: The Quixotic #

  • Hey. (gurgles) You think this is allowed? (spits)
  • It’s not even really drinking, man! 
  • Cool. How about this? (beatboxes) Or is it too percussive?
  • It’s freaking awesome, they’re gonna love it. 
  • Heeeeyah! (smashes three thin planks of balsa wood) Sensei says self-defense is holy.
  • Wooooo! Go David! You’re gonna be the life of the party. Let’s head out.
  • Wait. I need to find my yo-yo first.
  • Dude, no. You can’t bring the yo-yos. 
  • Is it against the Bible? 
  • No, Father Gordon got all tangled up in one and it tore his manhood off.