Artwork: ghost


Author: LRK '21-'22
As seen in: Me and My Lovers #

Dear Readers,


My greatest hope for you all is that you actually know how to read because this issue is full of letters and words. They aren’t hard ones, but they might require a quick peek at the
Scrabble dictionary. We’re talking words like love, benevolence, and lover. There may be letters involved such as g, w, and o. It won’t matter if you’ve seen these fellas before or if you’ll be sounding them out on the spot. The important thing is that you can see that we wrote some things. So just as a quick gauge of how you’ll do getting through this magazine, please tear this page out, nail it to your wall, walk six feet away, call your eye doctor, and schedule an eye exam immediately.


I’m sorry, the answer we were looking for was actually D) All of the above. Well it looks like you failed the eye test. Good news though–you can just look at all the pretty pictures!



LRK ’21