Artwork: ghost

Date Ideas

Author: LRK '21-'22
As seen in: Me and My Lovers #

-Tap Dancing Summer Intensive
-Battle it out in a kite flying competition
-Try lettuce for the first time
-Order matching bagels with the works
-Back-to-back golf lessons but with the same instructor
-2013 Snapper Derby B-Division Semifinals
-Befriend an extended family
-Get diagnosed with lettuce allergies together
-Test out mattresses at Sleepy’s for bed bugs
-Follow Russell Brand around for the day to see if he’s that foxy in real life -Go to a Broadway show and clap the entire time to show maximum support -Watch a marathon and provide gatorade chews to fellow supporters -Attend a ladies luncheon together
-Sign up for kids education at the zoo to learn about mating
-Trade long underwears
-Grow out of lettuce allergies