Artwork: SKL '23

D-Day Picnic

Author: ZDG '20
As seen in: Nantucket Sleighride #

Soldiers: (storm the beach) (lots of explosions)

Father: What the heck we’re having a picnic here! Hey – excuse me! Having a picnic! Quiet down over there.

Soldier: Sir this is a war zone, get outta here!

Mother: What the heck we oughta leave, but first a quick bite couldn’t hurt.

Soldier: (explodes)

Father: What the heck! How about my patented turkey sandwich?

Later, at the opening of the D-Day beach memorial.

M.C.: And this solemn day will go down in history!

Father: What the heck! I’m stuck in the sand! Help! 

Mother: What the heck we were having a picnic and got stuck in the sand!

M.C.: Hey, quiet down over there! We’re doing a memorial!

Father: Hey shut up we’re stuck over here! Quiet down!

Son: Boy, a turkey sandwich!