Artwork: MFP '23-24

Hero For A Day

Author: MFP '23-24
As seen in: What Have We Done #

Mayor: Congrats again on winning the contest Billy! Batman will take it from here.

Batman: Alright, Billy, every hero’s day starts by getting the local report. (Turns on radio)

Police: (Over radio) We’ve got a double suicide on the Northside, requesting backup, over.

Batman: Whoops, we’ll ignore that one. Here, let’s try the fire department. (Adjusts station)

Fireman: (Over radio) All units requested on the Northside. Two people locked themselves in a burning barn and are asking authorities to let them burn alive, over.

Billy: It sounds like they could use our help, Batman!

Batman: Uhh, let’s sit this one out.

Billy: Oh, okay.

Batman: It’s just that these kinds of crimes are usually over pretty fast and end up being a lot of paperwork. Here, we can try the police station again. (Adjusts station)

Police: (Over radio) We need more units on Central, potential bank robbery in progress.

Batman: Now that sounds more like it!

Police: (Over radio) Update: not a bank robbery, just a suicide in a bank, over.


Billy: Is all you do deal with suicides?

Batman: Every now and then a clown comes around. But yeah, mostly suicides.

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