Artwork: ghost

Taco Tuesday

Author: JRD '22-'23
As seen in: Upside Up #

-       Can I get two beef tacos please?

-       Sorry sir, we only sell tacos on Tuesdays.

-       Alright, well that chicken fajita plate also looks good.

-       You’ll have to wait for Fajita Friday.

-       Ah, got it….let me see, it’s Wednesday… What’s wasakaka? Guess I’ll have that.

-       My apologies - we’re also not serving that today. But are you thirsty? Take a seat and I can bring you some water.

-       There are no tables.

-       Well those’ll be back tomorrow. But we won’t have walls anymore.

-      I’d like to speak to the manager.

-      I am the manager. And you’ll have to wait for Suggestion Sunday.

-       “Alliterative Bodega” my ass…wait, that name doesn’t even – 

-       We know.

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