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JRD '22-'23

Literature Board 2022-2023

Club Baseball President
Club Baseball's "Most Improved"
Club Baseball's "Biggest Bench Presence"
The Fox Club's "Biggest Ass on Club Baseball"

World’s Luckiest & Most Depressed Person
January 2022
Pam Jensen woke up just like she did every other day – at the exact moment that she could see…
Bronze Age Teen Drama
July 2021
Open on a mother and a son. In front of a forge. The work is hard, and the hours are long. -Mom, I…
How McDonalds Came Up With Grimace
May 2021
Businessman: As I was saying, what do kids love? Characters! We just ran with that. Businesswoman:…
November 2020
-Hey man, you gonna make it to the barbecue this Saturday? –(Groans) Ughhh I really wish I c…