Artwork: ghost

Fire Department Tour

Author: SWR '19-'20
As seen in: Smellfungus #

Fire Chief: And this here’s where we do our laundry—(alarm goes off) Oof, sorry kids, that means there’s a fire somewhere. We’re gonna have to take this.

Kids: Can we come!

Fire Chief: No. (slides down pole)

Kids: … 

Teacher: … 

Kids: … 

Fenton: Psst! Cawson.

Carson: What do you want, crap head?

Fenton: I twiple dog dawe you to buwn down duh fiyo depawment.

Carson: No way.

Fenton: Samanta. Hey Samanta!

Samantha: Get away from me.

Fenton: Okay. Hey Gwegowy! Hey.

Gregory: What.

Fenton: If we stawt a fiyo wight hewe duh fiyofitos will have to come back and finish duh touw.

Gregory: Yes, and den we get to watch dem put out duh big fiyo.

Fenton: Okay, so let’s do it.

Gregory: Caweful wit my pwopane.

Fire Chief: (returning) Okay sorry about that, just a normal part of being a firef—hey you two, get down from there. Anyways, where was I? There’s only two machines but they’re both washer/dryer so two of us can do a load at the same time.