Artwork: ghost

Tom and Jerry Spec Script

Author: HJH '19
As seen in: Symphonia Fantastica #

Tom is strolling along the railroad tracks, whistling a happy tune. Jerry walks parallel to Tom on the other side of the tracks, whistling in equally jolly fashion. Suddenly, Tom notices Jerry’s presence. This is his shot. With a sly smile he inches casually across the tracks towards Jerry, unaware of the not-so-distant whistle of a train. As he nears Jerry, Tom licks his lips and reaches out. Then, Jerry unsheathes his hitherto concealed samurai sword and plunges it into Tom’s heart. Their eyes meet, Tom’s filled with desperation and Jerry’s empty. For a moment all is silent. Jerry twists the sword and Tom releases his final breath, collapsing to the ground. Jerry drops the sword and continues on his way. He has a lot of distance to cover before nightfall. As Jerry’s silhouette moves below the horizon, an anvil falls from the sky onto Tom’s corpse.