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Artwork: ghost

Now That’s What I Call Music! Vol. 18,482

Author: JEC '21
As seen in: The Unstoppable March #

Track 1 – Give Me a Little Gas, Sister
Track 2 – Your Girl Got Too Much Exhaust in the Fuel Depot
Track 3 – Ma’am, Hit Me with that Sweet, Sweet Diesel
Track 5 – Ethanol Prices (“Higher, Higher, Ever Higher, Lord!”)
Track 6 – Me, Jesus, and His Intergalactic Transport Mandate
Track 7 – Big Hefty Pumps of Gasoline Pounding in My Ball Veins (feat. Kanye the XIV)
Track 8 – “Fck the P” Remastered
Track 9 – Nothin’ But Fumes for You Tonight / Burnt Up My Fuel Reserves on Venus
Track 10 – Mr. President, You Best Give Me My Rebate Else I’ll Tattle
Track 11 – Well, It’s Back to Coal for You and Me, Sally – Extended Version
Track 12 – Collide (Original 2003 Recording)