Artwork: ghost


Author: HJH '19
As seen in: Family Friendly Comedy #

Kid: Well, I guess this is it, huh?

Mom: Our baby boy, going to college. You know I remember when you couldn’t even walk–

Kid: Mom, I know.

(Mom kisses boy a bunch on the cheek.)

Kid: (laughing) Quit it.

Dad: And you know your old man will miss you.

Kid: (hugging Dad) I’ll miss you too Pop.

Dad: Now let’s grab your bags so you can get going before you make me cry.

Kid: C’mon Dad, I’m not a kid anymore! I don’t need you to baby me.

Dad: Alright, alright. Hands off! I get it. You have your bags, right?

Kid: Ugh, this is one thing I’m not gonna miss. (shares a smirk with Mom)

Dad: But you’ve packed belongings and everything?

Kid: I’m 18 years old dad. I’m going to be just fine.

Mom: Dave, you’re worrying again! Just let him grow up.

Dad: You’re going to need clothing and other amenities to survive at school. I just need you to confirm for me that you know that.

Kid: Look, Dad. I get it. You’re an empty nester now and that’s weird. But I’m gonna come home all the time. Every other weekend. How does that sound?

Mom: (squealing) Oh that would be so wonderful.

Dad: Obviously that sounds great but please just say out loud that you have some items you’re bringing to college.

Kid: (angry) You know what? You never understood me. I’m glad I’m leaving.

Mom: (to Dad) David. Say something!

Dad: Jesus Christ you’re taking a car right? Please say you were going to drive a car there.

Kid: Whatever.

Dad: Tell me you weren’t just gonna walk with no belongings all the way to Louisiana?

Kid: I never want to talk to you again. I’m leaving.

(He turns around and starts walking down the street.)

Dad: (yelling) It’s gonna take you like 2 weeks!

Mom: (crying) Let him go. Just let him go.

Dad: He’s going north, that’s the wrong way.

Mom: I have a feeling our little man will be just fine.