Artwork: DL '25

Cheat Codes for Ace Attorney

Author: LKN '25
As seen in: Justice Is Served #

085888C8 60000000 Win every court case

0452FDBC 10000000 Infinite evidence

0452FDBC 0FFFFFFF Finite, but very large
amount of evidence

085888C8 00000001 Lets you go out of bounds

085888C8 00000001 Lets you sit in the judge’s
seat and bang the gavel

085888C8 00000001 Packs jury with biased members

81FFFFF0 7C0E7800 Rulings are determined by Applause-O-Meter

085888C8 60000000 Gives opposing attorney a
stutter and a lack of confidence

085888C8 60000000 Makes you say “OBJECTION” after every dialogue

085888C8 60000000 Disables attorney-client confidentiality

085888C8 60000000 Disables Miranda rights

085888C8 60000000 When holding ‘A’ and ‘B’,
death penalty is temporarily disabled

085888C8 60000000 Makes partner track at firm
take 10 years instead of 11

085888C8 000000XY Change law degree:
00 Super Star Legal Academy
01 Harvard Law, Full Honors, concurrent LLM
02 wemakelawyers.net

085888C8 60000000
20019300 00000000
0259793A 00000000
0452FDBC 60000000
C273B0A8 00000004
3DC05544 61CE0003
81FFFFF0 7C0E7800
41820008 907F0000
60000000 00000000
Sends a digital receipt of piracy to
beginning a real-life legal dipsute