Artwork: JSR '22

Dating Simulator

Author: GPCP '22
As seen in: One Last Dance #

It’s the first day at Romance Academy. A new student introduces herself to you: Mitzi, eighteen, giggles when she talks. Behind you, Mrs. Cupid (no relation) puts up a poster for the Back to School Dance. Outside, the cherry blossoms fall.

> ask mitzi to dance

“Aww, you’re so sweet! I’m going with my boyfriend Armando, though.” She gestures at a strapping young man doing push-ups. The bell rings, signaling the start of Romance Class.

> go to seat

You sit down. Jasmin, your best friend, puts a hand on your shoulder. “Hey,” she whispers. “That took a lot of guts.” You’ve known her since childhood, but today you see her in a different light. Outside, the cherry blossoms bloom into cherry trees. Now’s your chance.

> ask jasmin to dance

“I’d love to! But I already promised Armando I’d go with him.” You mention he’s going with Mitzi. Jasmin tells you it’s fine, they’ve talked it out, and Armando’s very secure. You look at Armando. He’s doing tricep dips in his chair while writing poetry. Mrs. Cupid shouts your name, and you snap to attention. “For the last time,” she says, “what is the secret to love?”

> “communication”

Mrs. Cupid sighs. “No, the secret is Romance. See me after class.”

> wait

Everyone leaves the room. Mrs. Cupid takes off her glasses and lets down her hair. “You’re not learning as much about love as I’d hoped. I might have to teach you… one on one.” She leans in.

> lean in

She opens her eyes. “I’m sorry,” she says, “I thought you were Armando.” The door bursts open. “Yo, Mrs. C!” Armando walks in, followed by a flock of adoring girls. “Armando needs some extra credit!” That line’s so cool. He’s so cool. He and Mrs. Cupid kiss with tongue. Outside, the cherry blossoms grow higher than ever before.

> leave room

You cannot leave. 

> leave room through door

You cannot leave.

> fight Armando

You raise a fist at Armando, but you can’t bring yourself to hurt his beautiful face. He extends his hand towards you, smiling gently. Do you take his hand? Will you join his throng of lovers?

Choose: [Y]es/[Y]es

> yes

Armando kisses every girl at Romance Academy. Then he kisses you. It is beautiful.