Artwork: AMC '23

Secret Journal

Author: GPCP '22
As seen in: Cool #

-Hey, I found the quiet kid’s journal—it’s all about the popular kids and how he’s “gonna make them pay.”
-That’s messed up.
-He’s got a whole list of targets. David, star quarterback, Ashley, prom queen…
-Is my name in there? I don’t see it.
-It’s crazy, there’s so many people. Lucy, Adam— hey, didn’t he shit himself at Homecoming?
-Yeah, he did. You’re sure my name’s not there?
-Oh man, he’s even written everyone’s home addresses next to these little gun drawings.
-Crazy. Hey, look for K-E-I-T-H, might be spelled wrong. The “E” comes first.
-Really makes you think. We’ve known him for years, but we had no idea.
-Yeah, he dated my sister for a while. So he definitely knows who I am—
-He knows all of us! That’s the scariest part.
-I carpooled with him for a year… invited him to so many board game nights…
-I mean, we need to stop him before he goes on a killing spree.
-Do you have a pen? I can just add myself to the list.