Artwork: ghost

Wet Dream

Author: MAG '21-'22
As seen in: The Mental Health Issue #

At a sleepover.

Kyle: Whoa! Brian what is that on your shorts?
Brian: Uh, nothing! 
Kyle: Hey guys check it out, Brian’s got something weird on his shorts!
Matt: Gross!
Tim: Yuck!
Blaze: Ew! Let’s all get together and lick it!
Tim: Haha yeah it’s so nast—wait what?
Blaze: What if we all just licked it… the gross thing!? 
Matt: No, dude. We were just making fun of Brian for it. Wait, who are you? 
Blaze: What if when we’re done making laughs we all stood around and took turns licking it? (cough cough) I’m Blaze by the way!
Brian: You want to lick my wet shorts? Where did you come from?? 
Matt: Man are you sick? What’s that all over your mouth?
Blaze: (cough) Shut up, (cough) Brian, before I put your whole shorts in my mouth.
Matt: Brian do you know this guy? 
Kyle: He seems sick.
Tim: Yeah, Brian, this guy is not okay. 
Blaze: Yeah, Brian (cough) You’re being weird. (cough) (cough) I’m going to climb back out your window (cough) and when I come back with my digital camera (cough) (cough) You’d better stop being such a weird guy and instead be willing to share some of the tasty wet shorts!