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Advice on How to Deal With a Concussion From Someone With a Concussion

Author: NGH '23
As seen in: The Mental Health Issue #

Listen up. I’m gonna tell you a straight fact that may or may not be true and can 100% help with any concussion that it works for: bounds on your mental capabilities are completely subjective. By “subjective” I mean bounds are the objective subject of a little object I like to call your mind. And all you have to do is simply use your brain to overpower these subjective objective bounds. But first, what really are bounds? Or “boundariés” as the French probably don’t say. Let me tell you everything I know about the existence of boundaries. Basically nothing. But explain to me how someone can both walk around the world (minus oceans or plus boats) with no obstacles and can also get stuck inside a little closet if they don’t have a key out. Perplexing, huh? Well, I can’t figure my way out of this closet right now and can proudly confirm that boundaries still don’t apply to me. Like look, right now I’m mentally overpowering my concussion symptoms with all the oxycodone I just took. Point is, I can overcome anything, and you can too. But then again, why listen to me? My concussed head keeps making random slishy sloshy sounds every time I play my bedtime ocean noises. I wish I had the words to describe how my brain is spinning right now, but I can still power through and do happy things, like cartwheels. Cartwheels… those sound familiar. Anyway, my head is spinning around like a kid doing some sort of acrobatic spinning motion and all I can really think about is how everything I’m doing right now can just be boiled down to a bunch of words that I can’t read (my mom is transcribing this for me). But that doesn’t hold me back. Mom, ShoW EveRYONe THaT I CaN CHAnge The SIZe oF LETTerS. Let me show you another way how I can overcome all boundaries. In like 10 minutes. I just realized closets can open from the inside. And also, headache.