Artwork: ghost


Author: HJH '19
As seen in: Once in a Blue Moon #

Some things are less rare than you think.

Winning the Lottery

My friend Rigley won the lottery yesterday. Technically it was my ticket but even more technically Rigley beat me up and took it.

Pitching a Perfect Game

It was the first game of the season, and I felt good. I stood on the mound confidently, ready to throw a killer first pitch to my best friend, Rigley. I launched a curveball into the bottom of the strike zone. Rigley hit a home run and went on to pitch a perfect game.

Lightning Striking Twice

It’s actually pretty common for lightning to strike the same place twice. Rigley told me that it’s happened to him like a million times and that’s how come I can park in handicap spots when he’s in the car.

Early-Onset Alzheimer’s

Against all odds, I have this.

Love at First Sight

Man, Rigley loves telling this one. So I’m at a restaurant with my girlfriend, Jess, when Rigley walks by on the street. He sees Jess and thinks “I’m in love with her.” Long story short, they go to town in the bathroom while I’m trying to pee and nothing’s really coming out. You da man Rigs!