Artwork: AMC '23

Turing Test

Author: FOD '24
As seen in: README #

—  Hey check it out, it’s our lab's newest artificial intelligence.

—  Oh. Cool.

—  Ask it a question.

—  Okay, one sec.

> What occurs once in a second, twice in a week, but never in a month?

—  What?

—  Come on, what kind of question is that?

—  The answer is the letter “e”.


—  Why does it keep doing that?

—  It’s an AI that can successfully imitate a water buffalo.

—  Okay that seems pretty useless, why would you want something like that?

—  Well, it’s really good at what it does.

*snnf* *snnf*

—  Look, it’s investigating it’s surroundings.

—  I never said it wasn’t good at what it does. I’m just wondering why-


—  We’ve conducted extensive testing and fewer than one in ten people could tell the difference between it and an actual water buffalo.

—  I mean, to be fair, I couldn’t tell either.

—  Exactly. I think we’re probably the first to pass an actual Turing Test with flying colors.

—  A Turing Test for buffaloes.

—  Yes. A Turing Test for buffaloes.


—  I must admit, I don’t know if there’s anything really impressive about this.

—  The impressive part was teaching the actual buffalos to use the computer terminal for the purposes of the test.

—  Okay, fine, that’s pretty cool.