Artwork: MIC '26

Municipal Archive of Brain Chips in Dalignfort, VA 2077-2122

Author: EAT EB
As seen in: README #

Folder 4: Security Tapes (Wal-mart) 2099

Man: (spilling 2,000 FlexSeal onto conveyor belt) Sorry, I cannot control my body.

Cashier: You know, you should get the ad-free chip, it's pretty cost effective in the end.

Man: But..it had me replace my sofa at Raymour & Flanigan…and it really is good quality.

Cashier: (shrugs) Everyone has their limits, I took Xarelto for a month before I went Premium.


Chalice 2: Principals’ Daily Addresses 2107

All rise for the Pledge…(unintelligible whispers)...I will not say it again. Stop sticking each others’ heads to the large magnet in the basement. The large magnet in the basement near the lower staircase is for employee use only. Go and lick a frozen pole outside like real kids, your parents would rather replace your tongue chips than your brain ones—although—it might depend on your insurance.


Under My Coffee Cup 1: Library Newsletter 2122

Keep our library quiet! People are thinking too hard and their brain-chip fans whirr loudly. We ask you to please refrain from thinking too much in the library and distracting those of us who are reading. We have designated the 2nd floor the “thinking floor” so, if you absolutely must think, you use the “Celebrity Nonfiction” section to calm down.