Artwork: DL '25

My Steed

Author: MFP '23-24
As seen in: The Proper Bostonians #

Good evening, Lady Harrington. I have arrived on my mighty steed to take you away to — pardon me. Horse, hold. Hold! My apologies, I haven’t yet figured out how to make my steed stop. Easy. Stay. There we are.

As I was saying Lady Harrington, if you’ll join me in my carriage I — good heavens, he’s off again. I do not believe I can get him to stop, Lady Harrington. Would you mind stepping into the street? Perhaps I can steer my steed in a gentle circle around you as I relay my request. Very good. Oh dear it looks like you’ve stepped into a pile of my steed’s manure there, Lady Harrington. No bother: I am willing to look past that. Just don’t do it again. Anyways, I humbly request your presence at the ball this evenin —

(The horse breaks from the circle and begins walking directly away from Lady Harrington.)

Lady Harrington! Come, run alongside me so that we are traveling at the same speed and we can agree on our plans properly. 

(Lady Harrington begins running alongside the horse.)

Wonderful! It’s as if we are taking a brisk walk together. You’re getting tired? Caution, Lady Harrington, the horse is taking your decreased pace as a threat. Retreat, retreat! Lady Harrington you must remember I cannot make my steed stop!

It seems that you have gotten knocked over, Miss Harrington. Into another pile of manure. I know I said I wouldn’t forgive it earlier, but I suppose I can find room in my heart. Now I must know, will you be joining me —

(The horse begins galloping away from Lady Harrington.)

Will you be joining me at the ball this evening? You’re shaking your head. IS THAT BECAUSE YOU CAN’T HEAR ME, LADY HARRINGTON? LADY HARRINGTON? 

Ah I see you’re getting into the carriage of another fine young gentleman. A genius strategy to catch up to my most kingly steed. Well done, Lady Harrington. Well done indeed. You shall be on my steed in no time.