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Author: LKN '25
As seen in: The Proper Bostonians #

06/07/2022 Hey saddle sisters. Didn’t play outside with the other kids today. Too busy doing horse stuff on the computer. 

Horse Question of the Week: If you could breed any mare in history with Secretariat, who would it be and why?

06/14/2022 Hey saddle sisters. I’ve been working all night on a plugin for the National Horse Registry that lets you filter by Hotness. I also spent many nights volunteering data points for a new category called Hotness.

06/21/2022 I have big plans that might totally shake up how we think about horses, and breeding. My classmates have gracefully let me have my own table at lunch to concentrate.

07/22/2022 No updates this month since I’ve been deflecting an SQL attack on the Horse Registry. Hundreds of years of records for thousands of horses went missing. I replaced them all from the record in my mind.

07/31/2022 I’ve rolled out beta testing for the new Horse Registry, but no one wants to be my beta tester. 

Horse Question of the Week: Is it because I wear braces?

09/29/2022 Using a database of horse statistics, I’ve found a way to predict the winner of the Kentucky Derby with 96% accuracy. Almost as accurate as my mind.

10/03/2022 Just saw a horse in real life for the first time and they are absolutely disgusting.