Artwork: ghost

Hit, That, Button

Author: BWM '19-'21
As seen in: Last Ditch Effort #

“How you folks doin tonight!?”

Wooot, wooooooot!

“Coming at you from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, you’re watching Hit, That, Button! I’m your host Steve Harvey and boy have we got a great show for you tonight. What do you say we skip the talk and get to the action!”

Crowd mimes mashing a button

“Family one, we surveyed fourteen people, and they said to HIT, THAT, BUTTON!” 

Steve Harvey’s mouth dangles open as he looks to the audience. Stumbling backwards, he supports himself on the platform behind him, which quickly gives out. Lying on his back, he gazes up at the rafters. 

“Steve, we’d like to hit that button”

His arms and legs shoot skyward and slowly begin to move in circles, the audience begins to hum.