Artwork: ghost

2019 World Expo

Author: SWR '19-'20
As seen in: Smellfungus #

– Attention please, the presentation by Tajikistan will begin in 5 minutes.

(20 minutes later)

– Ladies and gentlemen, please make your way to the auditorium for the presentation by Tajikistan.

(20 minutes later)

– Ladies and gentlemen, the President of Tajikistan wrote a poem about climate change and he knows that might sound boring to some of you but he’ll be very frustrated if not a single person comes to his presentation.

(20 minutes later)

– The President of Tajikistan has flown back to Tajikistan, but he’d like to thank you all for a wonderful expo.


– Whoa, not so fast there. Kosovo isn’t a recognized country.

– Please, our scientists discovered a new treatment for HIV.

– Hahaha but not smart enough to make your own country, huh?


Announcer: This is BLOOPY, Toyota’s newest robot personal assistant!

BLOOPY: Nice… to… meet… you… 

Audience: Aww!

Announcer: And this is the savant who figured out the most ethical way to slaughter robots so they don’t feel pain when we harvest their batteries.

Savant: Nice… to…  meet… you……… folks… 

Audience: (hesitant applause)


– And now the Albanian military will demonstrate their latest weapons.

– Wait, if the military’s here, who’s defending Albania?!

– Oh fuck!!

North Macedonian Army General:(on phone) Guys, I have amazing news.