Artwork: ADMIN

Costume Party

Author: SWR '19-'20
As seen in: Flesh & Blood #

— Hey Brenda how’s it— jesus christ dude!

— Ha ha fooled ya. Don’t I look just like her?

— You’re wearing her skin.

— Yeah I decided to go all out this year.

— Take that off. Where is Brenda?

— Relax dude she’s fine. It’s just a joke.

— I don’t get the joke.

— Isn’t there a whole saying about “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked to moons in his skin?”

— Yeah but— wait, no pretty sure it was moccasins.

— That can’t be right.

— Yeah it’s walk two moons in his moccasins. How does that make less sense than skin?

— Oh jeez you’re right. Man, I feel pretty dumb now.

— Yeah please take off Brenda’s skin.

— Well I’m gonna leave it on for tonight since it’s my costume. But man do I feel dumb.