Artwork: ghost


Author: MAS '18
As seen in: Grass is Greener #

Hey Everyone i just wanted to send out a house-wide email to alert you of a Special problem that has come to my attention and that is Kermit the green muppit frog is hiding somewhere and I think he means to do us har m.

I cant say when exactly Kermet gained entry to our house but i can say for sure that hes here to do something very very bad. He Seriously wouldn’t be here if he didn t have a nefarious plan.

About 430am last night I was playing with my pipes tryin to solve a problem with the toilet flushing directly into the sink. When I heard A nois e, as scary as you ever heard. I know that noise anywhere. it was Karmit. He scurried behind my radiator which keeps my room warm n toasty. I
was to scared too finish my pipes, so it keeps flushing and I have nowhere to wash my dish.

Please respons with your own typed letter put on a thumb-tack under this letter in the laundy room. Thanks and happy Holiday.