Artwork: ghost

Online Quiz

Author: BWM '19-'21
As seen in: Grass is Greener #

Take this short quiz and see if we can guess where you were born!

How do you pronounce Mayonnaise?
A: May-uh-naise
B: Man-uh-titz
C: Carb-Jelly-o-h

What do you call the small lobsters that you find in rivers?
A: Craw-dads
B: Craw-my-dad-says-that-the-state-of-Oklahoma-might-take-our-farm-if-the-rain-don’t-come

How would you address more than two people?
A: Y’all
B: Youse
C: Goose
D: Hey you sons of bitches get away from my irrigation pipes.

What do you call a drive-thru store where they sell guns & alcohol?
A: That sounds very illegal.
B: The reason I haven’t left my car in weeks.
C: Tommy’s in Bixby Oklahoma. Next to the dust factory.

What do you call clouds?
A: Clouds
B: So many gooses. Where did they all come from? There is not enough bread in this world for the horde that blocks the sun.
C: It’s been hot for so long here in Oklahoma. The farm is dried up and paw is scared. We’re all scared. The dust is always coming.

Results: Hey there fellow Okie!