Artwork: ghost

Discovery Kids Pilot Episode

Author: MJS '19
As seen in: Seasons of Life

– We’re in KidLand! ClapClapClap Having fun with the Kidman! ClapClapClap That’s me!

– You can come too! ClapClapClap but first, you know what you gotta do! ClapClapClap

– Ya gotta get mommy’s purse! ClapClapClap Gotta grab some cash! ClapClapClap

– Now find Daddy’s keys! ClapClapClap Driving’s easy as 1-2-3! ClapClapClap

– Now listen to me! ClapClapClap Drive the cash to the church of Scien-tol-o-gy! ClapClapClap

– And when you get home, ClapClapClap Just pick up the phone. ClapClapClap

– Press six three times SixSixSix Hear that voice on the line? SixSixSix

– You gotta listen to the voice ClapClapClap Gotta kill your parents! ClapClapClap

– Gotta speak the evil oath ClapClapClap And kill those parents! ClapClapClap

– Uh oh kids! What’s that noise? It sounds like the alarm for a SURPRISE DANCE PARTY!

– Look it’s Snuggle Wubble! He’s doing the snuggle worm! Can you do the snuggle worm kids?

– Now, Snuggles and me ClapClapClap we’ll keep dancing while you do the deed. ClapClapClap

– Yeah Snuggles baby, shake that thi – Oh great you’re back!

– And now that it’s done ClapClapClap We can really have some fun ClapClapClap

– Come to Kidland with me! ClapClapClap Just jump right in to your TV! ClapClapClap

– Don’t be shy.  ClapClapClap Don’t try to hide.  ClapClapClap  Kidman hates kids who lie!

– Kidman’s gonna count to 3 ClapClapClap Then you’ll jump in here with me! ClapClapClap

– One. ClapClapClap Two. ClapClapClap THREE!

– It didn’t work! Surprised? Don’t be! ClapClapClap It’s simple science you see! ClapClapClap

– A television works ClapClapClap By decoding signals from around the earth ClapClapClap

– You can’t jump in a video!  ClapClapClap This was recorded three days ago ClapClapClap– So kids, that’s our lesson for today ClapClapClap A TV only works one way! ClapClapClap