Artwork: ghost

Real Estate Tour

Author: HFJ '18
As seen in: Seasons of Life

-And here’s the pantry.

-What’s with these marks on the wall?

-We marked our son’s height each year.

-What… what happened between these two marks?

-Our son grew a lot between ages 12 and 13.

-This is a nine foot difference.

-Well, that’s our boy.

-I noticed there’s no 14.

-We ran out of wall.

-So that’s why there are marks along the side of the house.

-That only bought us another year.

-Is your son… unwell?

-He’s absolutely gigantic if that’s what you’re asking.

-Must be hard for him to move around.

-Oh, he doesn’t move around.

-So he’s here now?

-The boy is always here.

-If we buy the house, will the boy–

-There is no house without the boy. The boy is the foundation. The house rattles to his heartbeat.

-I was gonna ask about that.

-So is it a deal?

-This is tough….but we just can’t turn down a free house.