What's New: Suburbia #

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MRB '25   •   December 2023
Ever since I earned my online economics nanodegree, I’ve been controlling my fourth-grade cla…

CYL '26   •   December 2023
Most people move to Hogtown for the good public schools.  They either come for that or Larry t…

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Publication: December 2023

This is the Suburbia # because I grew up in the suburbs, and also because the only thing I’m afraid of more than being a suburban housewife, is being a suburban housewife whose husband cheats o…

SEH '26   •   May 2023
This guy Brian showed up in my shower last night. The water wasn’t on, he was just read…

CYL '26   •   December 2023
My mom used to tell me that I just had to wait for puberty to hit and then I wouldn’t be ugly…

LKN '25   •   December 2023
“I Can Totally See This Being Mayonnaise” Margarine “It’s For My Windshiel…


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