What's New: The Proper Bostonians #

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JKF '25   •   September 2022
Welcome, Parishers. I am honored to speak in this holy chapel. You may call me Father Tod. I am not…

EB '24   •   September 2022
In 2005, Kyle MacDonald successfully traded up from a paperclip to a house.   – Starti…

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Publication: September 2022

What is to be done about the crisis of The Harvard Lampoon? Can anything stop a magazine’s knees from bending under the weight of its own greatness? And where can I find the lowest prices on gr…

CLC '22-'23   •   May 2022

JKF '25   •   September 2022
“Let’s start this interview with a simple question. Van, in just a few sentences, how d…

SMR '25   •   September 2022
Rick, 40 I’d better contribute something before anyone gets suspicious. “Let’s s…


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